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noosha  anzab

clinical psychotherapist and psychologist

about noosha 


Noosha Anzab is a Clinical Psychotherapist and ​Psychologist practicing in Sydney, NSW. She holds joint ​registration with AHPRA & PACFA and is a member of ​the AAPi and EMDRAA. She practices using a ​psychodynamic psychotherapy approach and is parts ​focused. She believes the self is a multifaceted entity, ​with many internal states of mind. With a huge ​emphasis on the human within us, she believes we can ​operate in contradictory aspects of self, and as a result, ​have unrealised potential. Through a lens of ​contemporary psychotherapy, she provides a ​compassionate and open space, and enjoys working in ​collegiality with her clients. Her goal for clients is to ​bring them closer in alignment to the self, to be better ​connected, increase function and contentedness, She ​currently provides workshops and webinars on various ​topics. She particularly enjoys coaching therapists on ​parts work. She provides opinion for various media ​outlets and provides consultation to various ​organisations.The favourite part of her role is the ongoing learning she ​gets to experience, whether through continued ​professional development or vicariously through her ​clients. 



psychodynamic psychotherapy

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