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Therapy Session


One-on-one consultations in which we collaborate together to create a flexible plan to help achieve healthy mind frames and explore topics such as:

  • Anxiety related disorders such as  Generalised Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Obsessions and Compulsions, Performance Anxiety, Panic attacks, Work Anxiety, Health Anxiety, Phobias, Fear of public speaking and Excessive worrying.

  • Depression and mood difficulties such as mood swings, feeling down, sad or experiencing difficulty enjoying experiences, serious and debilitating depression, difficulties with motivation
    Confidence and self esteem such as developing personal, social, or professional confidence, including issues of self-worth, capability & competence, achievement, meaning, and belonging. Through coaching, the aim is to enhance wellbeing, effectiveness, enjoyment and personal growth

  • Stress management and relaxation such as an ability to manage personal stress which may arise from work, family, relationships, life responsibilities, financial pressure, performance pressure, competing demands, high cognitive load, social obligations and time. Dealing with life events, stress, and change: such as changes in life circumstances, life direction, career direction, retrenchment, relocation, divorce and separation, childbirth, ageing, and loss. I am particularly passionate about assisting you in developing strategies of self-care, self love and burnout prevention.

Distanced Couple


Therapy specific to couples and families to aid in improvement of relationship quality and interpersonal communication by working together to communicate effectively, resolve conflict and maintain healthy relationships. Couples counselling includes and is not limited to sessions between a couple or family and often explores difficulties in forming or maintaining intimate relationships, as well as relationships with children, colleagues or friends.

Open Space Office


Developing a firm understanding of your self and your interaction with the workplace can be a difficult space to navigate. Workplace coaching and counselling can help in motivational and professional development as well as unlocking personal potential within the occupational realm. Vocational counselling and coaching involves navigating workplace, employment & relationship stress, decision making, communication skills, goal & boundary setting or exploring traits such as perfectionism, unrelenting standards, negative self talk, confidence, self-esteem, procrastination and career change. Workplace related issues  explored can include, but are not limited to work stress, assertiveness at work, conflict resolution, communication and interpersonal skills, performance enhancement, time management, procrastination, managing workloads, retrenchment, unemployment, career instability, workplace bullying, career change, and burnout.



Every now and then, you may see my name pop up in the media - whether it be in magazines, online articles or interviews. I love all things mental health and am passionate about both writing and presenting on various topics with regard to our mental wellbeing. I enjoy round-table discussions and enjoy consulting to businesses, teams and groups regarding mental health support, resources and education.

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